AI consulting

Jan 2018 – NAL has consolidated its machine learning experts and formed a new consulting team to tackle increasing demand from several industries, including finance, electronic commerce, payment and digital media.

Fintech machine learning

Feb 2017 – NAL has formed a subsidiary focusing on machine learning in the fast growing fintech industry. The key team members include experienced machine learning researchers, data scientists and finance analysts from Wall Street.

Intelligent music search

Jul 2016 – NAL has acquired a startup company specializing in searching songs by considering user profile and context. The technology has been deployed to a few applications through our technology partners.

New Android library for smart devices

Sep 2015 – A new Android software library from NAL allows rapid prototype and product development of applications using sensors from smart Android devices. The library is memory and processing efficient.

Tailor-made computer servers

Feb 2015 – NAL offers a variety of custom-made computer hardware. Please contact us directly with your requirements. We will deliver a hardware solution that satisfies your needs. Popular setup and servers are also available via our retail partners in Hong Kong and China.

New iOS library for animated UI

Dec 2014 – NAL offers a new iOS library for software developers that require rapid development of powerful animated user interface. For details, please contact our team directly..

Shopping mall management

Oct 2013 – NAL has acquired a shopping mall management service business in Guangzhou, China. The business currently manages 6 high-profile commercial buildings and 2 luxury residential estates in the Guangzhou region.

Stock portfolio recommendation

Jan 2013 – NAL has established a new stock market prediction service for automatic stock portfolio recommendation. Offering currently includes Hong Kong stocks and will expand to other markets in the near future.

Total server solution

Dec 2012 – NAL is now offering a variety of managed server solution, ranging from managed hosting services to total business solution for startup companies and individuals.

New B2C site for establishing businesses in China

Apr 2012 – A new team at NAL, headed by Jian Yee, has been formed to operate a new joint venture B2C site. The new site aims to promote and sell high-quality products imported into the China market.

Novel Approach for education

May 2011 – With the collaboration efforts of a group of Australian educators and researchers, a new site targeting online and mobile education has been launched by Novel Approach. The new site, called tenclip, combines online education, social network and mobile communication into a single platform.

Novel Approach distributor for China

Mar 2011 – We have entered into a business agreement with Red Verde HK. Red Verde will be our technology distributor for the greater China market.

A new iPhone app division is established

Apr 2010 – We have formed a new division at NAL for developing apps on the iPhone. The new division will focus on developing games, tools and productivity applications for the iPhone and iPad.

Acquisition of MobiGrab Inc.

Feb 2010 – We have recently acquired MobiGrab Inc. MobiGrab Inc. specialises in delivering customised web and dynamic content to mobile devices. With this acquisition, NAL strengthens its presence in the mobile industry in creating solutions for mobile content access.