TravelLookup Makes Holidaying Easy
iPhone app TravelLookup helps holiday makers plan and research their trips with access to the latest WikiTravel pages.
December 22, 2010 - Novel Approach today announced the release of their travel guide iPhone app, TravelLookup. TravelLookup is a worldwide travel guide based on Wikitravel articles.

With access to over 24,000 destination guides and informational articles, TravelLookup allows iPhone users to search and save Wikitravel articles.

"The save function was one of the first features we put into TravelLookup." says Joe Lee, Vice President of Marketing at Novel Approach. "We wanted users to have access to their destination guides at all times - whether they were in the middle of the Mojave Desert or in New York City."

TravelLookup also allows users to add comments or notes to articles of interest.

For example, one might do some pre-holiday research for the latest Wikitravel articles on Australia. He could then save an article on the Opera House and annotate it with notes on how to get there. On arriving in Australia, he can access all his saved articles and notes, without requiring an Internet connection.

Pricing and Availability:
Available exclusively through the App Store.


About Novel Approach:
Established in 2009, Novel Approach Limited (iOS division) develops games, tools and productivity applications for the iPhone and iPad.


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