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The ultimate travel companion - don't leave home without it!

TravelLookup brings Wikitravel to your iPhone - with heaps of extras to make your holiday that much more enjoyable! TravelLookup gives you access to over 24,000 up-to-date destination guides. Read up on places to visit, restaurants to dine at and transportation information for your next holiday destination.

Need to book a tour or reserve accommodation for your trip? TravelLookup gives you access to all the necessary information. You can even store all those important phone numbers and send emails, all from within TravelLookup!

TravelLookup is your personal travel guide. You can: save articles; annotate articles with notes to make your own travel diary; easily share travel information with friends and your travel buddies. Even better, you can auto-save this information prior to your trip and access them throughout your journey without any Internet connectivity. This is THE app for all travellers!

The TravelLookup interface supports English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, 简体中文,繁體中文 !


  1. Pages optimized for viewing on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

    • Reduced horizontal scrolling.
    • Quickly jump to any section in a page.
    • In-page search.
    • High resolution images for iPhone 4's Retina display.
    • Pinch to zoom for images.
    • Customize font size and line height.

  2. Instant search for content - featuring reduced bandwidth Internet usage

  3. Access to more than 20+ language versions of Wikitravel: English, Deutsch, Italiano, 日本語, Português, Nederlands, Français, Polski, Español, Suomi, Svenska, Русский, 中文, etc.

  4. View page in different languages (if available).

  5. Auto save pages.


    • Easy bookmark management. Create folders to organize bookmarks, and move bookmarks to different folders.

  7. Save pages, including images, for viewing offline (no Internet connection required).

    • Easy saved page management. Create folders to organize saved pages, and move saved pages to different folders.

  8. Search saved pages (no Internet connection required).

  9. Add comments/notes to saved pages for future reference.

  10. Share pages via Facebook, Twitter and Email.
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