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A wealth of knowledge at your fingertips! Increase your general knowledge one Wikipedia article at a time.

Wiki-a-day gives you access to articles from the world's largest encyclopedia. Need to improve your general knowledge? We've taken the hard work out of it all - read one of Wiki-a-day's automatically selected articles. With the ability to save articles for future reference, you will be the envy of all your friends on trivia night!


  1. Shake or click to view a randomly selected article

  2. Random article selection can be configured to be in one of more than 250 languages.

  3. Pre-download articles for subsequent viewing when you don't have an Internet connection.

  4. Articles optimized for learning and viewing on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

    • Reduced horizontal scrolling.
    • Quickly jump to any section in a page.
    • In-page search.
    • Customise font size and line height.

  5. Auto save articles that you are viewing.

  6. Save articles, including images, for viewing offline (no Internet connection required).

    • Easy saved article management. Create folders to organize saved articles, and move saved articles to different folders.

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