Tips & Tricks - WikiLookup
Want to get more out of WikiLookup? Here are a few tips & tricks to get you going.
No more squinting
Tired of squinting at your iPhone at pages with tiny text? You can now configure WikiLookup to display text in your desired font size and line height.
Manage your favorite pages
You can now bookmark your favorite pages so you can get to them quickly later. WikiLookup lets you manage and organize your bookmarks easily into folders.
Airplane mode (offline viewing)
Want to take advantage of all that free WiFi at your local Starbucks? Save articles with WikiLookup to read at your leisure later. Articles are saved with all their images in tact - which means no more boring airplane flights!
Take a note of it
Researching for a school project? Need to make notes on the article that you are reading? WikiLookup lets you attach notes to a saved page. We've made it even easier for you to find a saved page by including an excerpt of your notes in the search results.
Unleash the multilinguist in you
WikiLookup speaks over 250 languages. Search for Wikipedia pages in German, Spanish, Chinese, etc. Even better, let WikiLookup do the translating for you. View a page in English and WikiLookup will find the French version of the page (if available) for you!
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