MobiGrab product suite
Web site content is getting richer, more dynamic and more cluttered everyday. As the usage of mobile devices increase in popularity, users are finding it challenging and tedious to browse these pages from mobile devices, especially if the web site is not mobile enabled. Even with a mobile enabled web site, the way the pages are built may not suit the needs and preferences of each individual. Further, maintaining Web sites with changing or dynamic content that support both desktop and mobile viewing can be difficult, error-prone and costly. This problem is made worse when software developers attempt to launch mobile services for their existing software or Web-based offerings.

MobiGrab is an effective and novel solution to the above problems. Deploying MobiGrab services for your requirements is immediate (usually within several days), instead of weeks or months. As a result, the cost of deploying a mobile solution is significantly lower than competing alternatives.

For more information, please download our solution brochure in PDF here. We also have a Chinese edition for the partners in the China market.

inTouch product suite
inTouch is a complete solution for the aggregation, management and distribution of mobile content. It publishes content from various content providers for content moderation, editing and billing. Customisation and localisation of the content is made possible via web services.

inTouch also contains modules that can transform content to adapt to device capabilities. This includes handling devices with special and limited computational power, screen size and other constraints.

inTouch SDK library is available for both iOS and Android apps development. Further information can be obtained by contacting us.

iPhone apps
NAL develops games, tools and productivity applications for the iPhone and iPad. For more information, please see our iPhone apps site.

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